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15,106 times every second!

That's how many times someone logs in, searches or browses our universe of icons, images and sounds to express their moods, tastes and interests

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Big Data Playground with 215725472 app downloads.

Quite a playground, but that’s what makes it fun! Our users expect no downtime, relevant content, and a great experience. We are not the biggest team, but we are a passionate one!

15,106->API Requests/Sec
15,106->Kilobytes Consumed/Sec

World Class 
Employees from 
12 countries.

Being diverse comes natural to us – it goes with the territory. Between us we speak at least 40 languages, reaching from English, Kroi and Urdu, to Java, Swift and Docker.

New York
in 82,369 hours

The first Zedge office was established back in 2007 in Trondheim, Norway. In June 2016, about 79 000 hours later, Zedge goes public on the New York Stock Exchange. And still we call ourselves fast movers.

“Zedge has become one of the most popular Android apps out there”

Zedge™ Ringtones
& Wallpapers

Feeling super-heroic today? Or is this more of a cat-with-wool-hat-and-glasses kind of day? We have ringtones and wallpapers that match all of your moods and expressions.

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