In an exciting partnership with Unsplash, we are offering you the chance to capture the true spirit of the term 'hygge' and share it in a specially curated collection with both communities.

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We’re always looking for new sources of content and awesome people who create it. With this partnership, we want to do something special to celebrate. We are excited to join forces with Unsplash in this wintertime collaboration. Together, we are giving you the chance to share your creativity and self-expression with your favorite hygge moments. So, what is hygge?

Create that special moment

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True to our Scandinavian heritage at Zedge, we love the Norwegian word hygge (pronounced hue-guh). The word’s meaning encompasses the ultimate feeling of contentment and well-being. Think of cuddling with your loved ones under a cozy, wool blanket or spending a cold afternoon catching up with friends over steaming mugs of hot cocoa. Hygge is about expressing nourishment and togetherness.

The concept is so adored that it has been picked up in the English-speaking world as well. With many books written on the subject and a lot of attention on social media, you don’t have to look far to find inspiration. We’re hoping that thinking about hygge helps you to step out of your busy everyday routine and treat yourself to a bit of ‘me’ time. Hygge can quite simply mean drawing the curtains on a dark evening and lighting some scented candles, relaxing with your favorite book, or wrapping up and going for a walk on a magical snowy day.

Although not strictly limited to wintertime, the darkness and cold definitely contribute towards the urge of creating those perfect hygge moments. As winter approaches for another year, we want you to submit your photos that best encapsulate this spirit. The photos that best represent this concept will be added to a unique collection on both Zedge and Unsplash. They will also be available to millions of people around the world to download as personal wallpapers on their phones.

The perfect partnership

haley-powers-370168.jpg#asset:405Photo by Haley Powers on Unsplash

If you’ve ever designed a website, written an article, or created an app, then you’ve probably heard of Unsplash. If not, then all you need to know is that it is the web’s premier source of “beautiful, free photos gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers”. Each week, Unsplash adds ten new photographs to its already huge library of stunning photos. In addition, Zedge also offers a huge library of images for users to download and set on their phones as home screen and lock screen wallpapers. To be part of this great opportunity, simply submit your hygge photos on Unsplash to the Zedge collection.

How to contribute to Hygge Moments


Photo Selection

Submitted photos will be reviewed for approval by the Unsplash Editorial team, together with Zedge, based on the guidelines above. Approved photos will show up in the ZEDGE collection page and be updated every 48 hours. In addition, Zedge will work with the Unsplash Editorial team to select 10 photos that best exemplify hygge to appear in a specially curated Zedge wallpaper collection.

In January 2018, we’ll run a follow-up campaign in which we ask you to remix the featured photos to make the awesome wallpapers, which we’ll feature in a Zedge Collection in the Zedge app.

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